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HELPS is the residential energy conservation services solution for Massachusetts municipal utilities. The HELPS program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC), the joint action agency providing a variety of power supply, financial, risk management and other energy services to municipal utilities.

Currently, the municipal utilities listed below subscribe to the HELPS program. For more information about these utilities, please click on the name of the utility.

Bright Ideas!

  • For air conditioners, look for a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The current minimum is 13 SEER for central air conditioners.
  • If your air conditioner is old, consider purchasing a new, energy-efficient model. You could save up to 50% on your utility bill for cooling. Look for the ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuide labels.
  • Adequate insulation in your attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors, and crawlspaces, as recommended for your geographical area, can save you up to 30 percent on home energy bills.
  • Turn off the lights in any room you’re not using, or consider installing timers, photo cells, or occupancy sensors to reduce the amount of time your lights are on