Holyoke Connected Homes FAQs

HG&E Connected Homes FAQs

Holyoke Gas & Electric Connected Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about when adjustments will be made to your devices or how you will receive your incentives? Read below for those answers and more frequently asked questions.

Can I enroll multiple devices?

Yes, customers are able to enroll multiple devices in the HELPS Connected Homes Program. However, HG&E customers are only eligible to receive a single bill credit for all HVAC seasonal controls in the household.

How are HVAC seasonal controls devices bill credits unique?

HG&E offers a single rebate for all HVAC controls in the home.  Bill credits for all HVAC controls in the home will be $8 during the summer (June through September) for central AC and heat pump customers only, and $5 in the winter (October through April) only for customers that heat with natural gas and electricity.

Will I be notified before an adjustment is made? How will I be notified?

Yes, municipal light departments will notify their customers in advance of a possible adjustment. Customers will be notified of upcoming adjustments via email. 

Can I decide to opt out of an adjustment?

Yes, customers will be given the opportunity to opt out when they are notified about an upcoming adjustment. Customers who choose to opt out of an adjustment will not be issued an incentive for that month.

How many adjustments should I anticipate and when in the day will they occur?

Customers can expect between two to three adjustments per month, though as many as five could occur. The hours vary depending on the season, but typically adjustments occur between 4 and 8 p.m.

How will I be paid for my participation?

Customers will be issued bill credits for their participation in Connected Homes. EV charger bill credits will be issued monthly. HVAC seasonal controls and electric water heater bill credits will be issued seasonally.

For more information about eligible smart devices for customers of Holyoke Gas & Electric, please see the table below.

*Level 2 chargers only. Customers who received a free EV charger through the HELPS EV Program are not eligible to enroll in Connected Homes until three years after the charger was issued.