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Home Efficiency

Energy Star Appliance Rebates are available on a variety of home equipment from air purifiers to heat pump water heaters. Click the “Apply Online” link or download the rebate form to see the full range of options and fill out your rebate application.






HELPS Home Efficiency Incentive Program is designed to assist the customer with the cost of installation for the most cost effective measures recommended in a home energy audit. Those measures are shown on the energy audit report. We encourage you to proceed with the installation of those conservation measures that best suit your energy needs and are listed on your HELPS Home Energy Report.

– All new heating systems receiving an incentive must be Energy Star rated.
– Self-installation of insulation is not eligible for rebate.
General rule for cost-effective home efficiency: Insulate and air-seal first. (Ask your auditor about how to find a qualified contractor.)

(Note: Audits are required prior to installation in order to receive rebates. Please read your utility’s application form carefully, eligible measures may vary)





HELPS Cool Homes is a High Efficiency Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Rebate Program offered by participating municipal utilities. Click on the “Apply Online” link above or visit your utilities page below to find out more. 

IMPORTANT: System sizing and proper installation are critical to energy efficiency and home comfort. Prior to installation, your installer must perform a load (sizing) calculation that is “ACCA approved version 8 Manual J”.

In order to qualify for a rebate you must:

  1. Purchase and install an ENERGY STAR® qualifying product at a property with an active electric account with one of the participating energy efficiency providers.
  2. Obtain your contractor’s invoice with equipment make, coil and condenser model numbers, size in tons, date and location of installation and total installation cost.
  3. Submit the following with your application:
    1. Contractor’s invoice showing required information and proof of purchase.
    2. Copy of Load (Sizing) Calculation “ACCA approved version 8 Manual J” (REQUIRED to qualify for Rebate, NOTE: Load calculations not needed for ductless mini-split systems.)
    3. Proof TXV or EXV valve installed (REQUIRED to qualify for Rebate)
    4. A copy of the AHRI Certificate. (Visit www.ahridirectory.orgor contact your Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor to obtain a copy.)When applying, please read your participating utility’s terms & conditions carefully, rebate qualifications and limitations may vary.

HELPS Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat rebate program is offered by participating municipal utilities, click “Apply Online”  or download a form application and submit by mail. Please review the eligibility requirements and application form thoroughly.



Marblehead Municipal Light Department offers a free charger for fully Electric Vehicles and either a $200 or $300 rebate for Plug-In Hybrids (depending on battery size). To learn more and fill out your rebate application, click the “Apply Online” link.

  • Email with any questions.
  • Call 1-413-589-0141 to speak with our EV Program analysts.
  • Click on the flyers below to learn more about the different EV models and their incentives.
  • Click HERE to download the charging agreement.


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