Mansfield Municipal Electric Department

Mansfield Municipal Electric Department

Do you own, or are you planning to purchase, a WiFi-connected device such as a home battery, electric vehicle charger, electric hot water heater, or mini-split controller? Do you want to earn incentives every month?

Mansfield Municipal Electric Department participates in Connected Homes, an incentive program that leverages the technology of smart devices and creates savings for its customers. Look at the tab below or click HERE for more information.

Connected Homes
MLP Solar Rebate

HELPS Connected Homes Program leverages the technology of smart appliances and devices into cost savings for the light department and its customers. Customers agree to allow Connected Homes to make brief, limited adjustments to their devices during times of peak electric demand and are rewarded with a quarterly incentive check. Check the chart below to find out if your smart device qualifies. Click the “APPLY ONLINE” link to learn more or to fill out an application.






Interested in solar panels?

The new Massachusetts Municipal Light Plant Solar Rebate Program allows residential customers of municipal light plants to apply for a rebate for the purchase, installation, and usage of PV solar panels on their homes.

The Mansfield Municipal Electric Department program includes a solar rebate of up to $1.20/watt, capped at 50% of total installed costs. Eligible solar installations must be 20 kW or less, with less than 20% shading, and facing between 90 and 270 degrees. Other restrictions may apply.

Click HERE for more information or to apply.