Air Source Heat Pump Assessment Program

Air Source Heat Pump Assessment Program

HELPS Air Source Heat Pump Assessment Program

The HELPS Air Source Heat Pump Assessment Program is a new program offered to customers of participating municipal light plants (MLPs) which allows customers who are interested in heat pumps to receive a free air source heat pump assessment. Participating MLPs include the municipal utilities in Holden, Ipswich, Paxton, Princeton, Shrewsbury, South Hadley, and West Boylston.

If customers decide to purchase a heat pump after the heat pump assessment, they are eligible for heat pump rebates from their light department. Click on the light department’s name on the right sidebar menu to learn more about available heat pump rebates.

Program Overview

Through the Center for EcoTechnology (CET), MMWEC’s energy audit provider, customers of participating MLPs can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with an independent heat pump expert to learn how the technology works, understand how heat pumps can reduce home heating costs, and receive guidance on using heat pumps for supplementary or whole-home heating. This assessment will ensure that the air source heat pump size and configuration is optimized for the customer’s home and heating and cooling goals, helping to avoid the risk of an oversized or undersized system and outsized bills.

If the customer decides to purchase a heat pump after the consultation, CET can set them up with a licensed heat pump contractor, ensuring a seamless installation experience.

Customers who are interested in the Air Source Heat Pump Assessment Program can go to CET’s WEBSITE for more information or call (888) 333-7525 to schedule an assessment.

Rebates and Savings

The municipal light plants in Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Shrewsbury, South Hadley, and West Boylston all offer rebates for heat pump purchases through the Cool Homes Rebate. Look at the table below to see which size and types of heat pumps qualify for rebates. Customers must obtain an air source heat pump assessment from CET in order to qualify for the rebates. Additional program rules may apply. Click on your light department’s name in the right sidebar menu for more information.

Ipswich Electric Light Department customers can find information on heat pump rebates HERE.

Additional Information and Discounts

Mitsubishi offers customers of participating MLPs a discount on the purchase of a cold climate heat pump. Learn more and which MLPs qualify HERE.

Want to learn more about heat pumps and how the devices work? Read the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) air source heat pump guide HERE.

Participating MLPs

Click on the name of a specific MLP to learn more about their heat pump rebate offerings.






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